I'm going to rebuild my VW Air cooled Type 1 engine. When you are hill climbing on a 100F day the engine may benefit from a higher grade than 87 because you are buying some anti-knock protection. Production cost is what makes these cylinder sets so expensive. The blue is a machinists grease called prussian blue and is used to check mating surfaces. We even rebuild type 4 heads. 11/17/20 - Updated links in references. However, all other parts being equal, it's often a detuned engine that causes the head to fail rather than a specific part failure. What's more realistic is that as the fuel chemistry has changed and therefore so has the combustion chemistry which may lead to knock under certain conditions. (818) 767-6603 Our stock is always rotating, we Your biggest challenge will be finding a head rebuilder that meets these standards at a reasonable price. If your head rebuilder is making claims that he's modified the head to take the unleaded, lower quality fuels of today think about what he is offering: In other words, the factory built head was perfectly able to run for 100k miles using unleaded fuel so that's not the issue. You can see the rough surface left by the grinding stones in the enlarged photo. When the heads are delivered to us, the first part of the rebuilding is to establish what we are working with. This is an expensive failure and is the 2nd kind of failure common to Type 4 heads. If you are paying somebody to do this work, they will undoubtedly remove the engine first. Air is pumped into the combustion chamber through the spark plug hole with both valves closed. Now that you understand how the cylinder head is constructed it will become clear why some last longer than others. Today Steve and his son Greg are building top quality cylinder heads and engines for customers around the world. The consensus on this issue, after much photographic evidence depicting burns in this area, is to remove the head gasket and lap the head to the cylinder and rely upon a carbon build-up to help maintain the seal. Part number Year Description Price Core charge 1200 x 1961-65 1200cc 40 hp w/rebuilt heads and a 6v-180mm flywheel 1195.00 750.00 1385 x 1961-65 1385cc Big Bore 40 hp w/rebuilt heads and a 6v-180mm flywheel 1295.00 750.00 If air is heard/felt through the crankcase breather or oil filler tube, the air is leaking past the rings. About 1 in 10,000 new springs fails which mean they must be tested like any other part. VW-Powered Porsche 944 Makes 454 HP on a Dyno. Collect Temel's Head, Body, and Wings. Moore Parts Now Offers Quality Air-cooled Engine Rebuild Kits At A Low Price. AMC heads cost $400 and opinion is divided whether or not to improve the machine work done to the head after the casting has been imported at greater costs vs. rebuilding a VW head to the same standards. The valve didn't seal so it overheated and stretched. They are a factor in your engine's power and cooling capacity. His technique was to place the round end of a ball peen hammer in the middle of the valve head. This Might Be the Best Porsche 914 You Can Buy. That's generally a big lie when you are paying bargain prices because the only way to prevent knock is to lower the compression of the engine. It's normal for the bus head to increase 100F in temperature when going from idle to fast highway speeds (this means the cooling system can't keep up). The seal is not 100% perfect because there is some leakage past the piston rings. Every water-cooled car has a temperature gauge for the coolant but for some reason VW never installed a temperature gauge into bug, bus or any other model (you may find some mechanical gauges installed on some industrial (stationary) versions of the engine). Casting part numbers are nicely covered over at Type 4 Secrets Revealed. AA Performance Products provides an extensive selection of stock and high performance products for Type I & IV VW, Porsche 356, 912, 914, & 911, and Toyota 22R, 22R-E. Of course, when the head fails and you have to replace the heads and R&R the engine, the money that could have been invested in better heads has been blown even before the repair bill is tallied. The result is a growing loss of cylinder compression once the gasket burns through. RPM - RON'S PRECISION MACHINE, INC. 69 E. 580 N. Santaquin, Utah 84655 1-801-754-5338 or Toll free 1-866-700-5877 e-mail ron@rpmrons.com 24-7. This gasket is actually made from several thinner gaskets pressed together and when one layer shrinks and burns through a gap forms that allows the combustion gases to escape resulting in eventual head failure. The gearbox was whining when driven in 5th gear between 75 and 90 KPH then it would stop. Converting units, 91 RON is the same as 87 (R+M)/2 at the pump (91 RON + 82.5 MON = 173.5/2 = 86.75 octane). Currently it has single port heads and is running with a 30-PICT carburetor. The business opportunity to provide properly rebuilt heads is limited. Of course, if there is a cooling blockage at once cylinder this won't necessarily be the case and so you can why the paranoid are so paranoid. A good look at the heads shows any damage, often some idea of age and mileage incurred and a … A new head and old heat exchanger require that the tops of the exhaust manifolds be perfectly flat in order to properly seal. I recently talked to the owner of that company and he is semi retired now but still deals with VW engines. In this case, when one head gets hot, the others are probably hot as well. Lead also helped to transfer heat from the valve to the seat and this acted as a self-healing "metal" gasket between the valve and the set. RON is computed using a special variable compression engine that determines when a zero octane fuel begins to knock. This limit narrows as the engine performance requirements increase because it's an indication of the state of balance much as a compression test would indicate. The difference between 60mph and 70mph can mean a further increase in temps by 50F. Type, year, condition, and a basic brief from the owner. Some of the 1.8L Type 4 VW engines used sodium valves and you can identify them by the dimple in the center of the head and the 0.008" valve adjustment specification for this model instead of the normal 0.006" clearance. Cylinder Head Rebuilding is the most performed job in most automotive machine shops. You have no items in your shopping cart. The weakness of the air-cooled motor is the cylinder head. Used parts must definitely be tested. Valves come in several sizes depending on the stock displacement of the engine. Rimco is about the only place that does volume rebuilding. I'm going to rebuild my VW Air cooled Type 1 engine. The material is much harder than the head and takes the abuse of the valve contacting the seat over and over, especially during startup on engines with solid lifters. I knew one guy that had a quite unique way of rebuilding cylinder heads in his back yard. Octane was boosted so higher compression ratios could be used to make more power without the engine knocking. THIS HEAD FITS YEARS 99-03 MODELS BEETLE JETTA GOLF. When it is being suggested that the lead acted as a superior knock control that helped us when the engine got hot and was more susceptible to knocking, I simply don't believe it unless you consider that you could buy 100 octane at the pump at one time. AMC has solved the problem of the weak head gasket by machining a step into the head in place of the original gasket. Our standard Performance engine kit is a simple way to build a Performance engine of your needs. About Vw Engine Rebuild Kits Moore Parts Now Offers Quality Air-cooled Engine Rebuild Kits At A Low Price. Last Zanardi Edition Acura NSX Sells For … Get a Great Set of Remanufactured Cylinder Heads Today Getting a FREE quote for your remanufactured cylinder heads is simple! If you've priced one of these exhaust systems, they are not inexpensive! Sometimes you can hear the heads slapping around on an older engine when you start it up which goes away as the engine heats up and expands in width. ... Don't get your head work done by VW. The engine started life as a 1.8 liter fuel injected powerplant that was converted over to Weber carburetors before I got the car (this was a common conversion 'back in the day' because mechanics 'knew' carbs and complex fuel injection systems were complex to diagnose). For the paranoid, installing 4 gauges/probes is the only way to feel reassured. I've also been told that the valves used are not as long lasting as the originals and there is some evidence to show this. Unfortunately what you get for your money isn't very good value if it fails prematurely. Even with this technological advantage Porsche heads can still overheat when pushed which goes back to my original statement that the weakness of the aircooled motor is the cylinder head. This serves to provide an edge and mating surface that obstructs any escaping gases after sufficient carbon buildup which is promoted by the gasket sealer used. Lead had to go. This is because of the engine tin that obstructs the cylinders and the cooling air that passes "through" the cylinders both mask the noise. Do not fear, I have no intention of exacting revenge for the violence you inflicted upon me. Brand new VW engines for VW Bug, Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia and VW Bus. This advice was provided a long time ago when VW solds new heads for $125 in the late 70s and early 80s. If there is a pressure drop and it's not caused by any of the above, then a loose cylinder seal is to blame. Sometimes when the leak is large, it can be heard as a squeak. There is a specific bolt pattern for each head and the torque requirements are different between T1 and T4: Heads have numbers cast into them that do not match the part numbers in the fiche. Although it shares the same square exhaust ports with the Vanagon CV engine, the valves are not the same size. The average P&C set on the Porsche costs 5-10x the price of a VW set. Next he took another, larger, ball peen by Richard Atwell When rebuilding a VW casting, it's generally thought best to start with an old VW head that has already been heat cycled many times over. While it's true that this type of work will improve the head for long term use, it has nothing to do with the fuel. MON is computed in a more traditional engine that simulates load/heat using 100 octane fuel. Gearhead Engines offers remanufactured cylinder heads to fit almost any engine, including Chevy cylinder heads and Ford cylinder heads. I'll put checking the nuts or even replacing the seals as a routine maintenance whenever I pull an engine in the future. The VW factory changed to case savers and 8mm head studs in 1972 to solve this problem. Oil cooler nuts came off a little too easy--some oil seepage was present in this area. Install a CHT gauge, fill up 3 times with the 3 different grades of gas, drive the same hilly route on a hot day and see for yourself. The head temperature must be kept low because the hotter the parts get the more they expand and the combustion "seals" break and you lose compression. Ran great though. VW Cylinder Heads NOTE: 1200cc Cylinder Heads are not made new. This happened because either the head of the valve distorted or the seat softened from overheating and changed shape. Back in the days of widespread availability of leaded fuels, TEL (tri-ethyl lead, ethyl or simply referred to as lead) lubricated the contact area between the edge of the valve and the seat as well as the valve guide. Of the various repair work that must be done to rebuild a 4-cyl VW boxer engine, THE most important aspect involves the cylinder head. Subtotal: $0.00 Category. Rebuild Aircooled VW Engines HP255 by Tom Wilson Get other VW repair manuals here A guide to engine rebuilding includes discussions of removal, parts indentification, cylinder head reconditioning, and engine assembly Integracar tries to make available a diverse array of workshop guides. Well, SIR closed their doors back in the 80's. We have more than 20,000 Volkswagen parts in stock and not all our VW engine kits are listed online. Now, grill your head rebuilder and ask him a) what kind of valve seat material he uses and b) how much interference fit he uses. I'm sure there was a clever engineering solution but this complication may be the reason why VW never installed a gauge in the first place. Rebuilding a Porsche 914 (VW Type 4) Engine I want to share the process of rebuilding my air-cooled 914 engine. All of these advantages were side effects discovered when lead was added to the fuel formulas as an octane enhancer. Heads are a complicated topic and I've tried to cover as many of the aspects and myths as possible in this article. In other words, the engine has to work hard and gets hot as a result. View. All VW heads have this problem but Type 4 heads are particularly susceptible because a) most of the production were installed into heavy vehicles like the bus and b) the 914 folks liked to drive their engines hard. Warpage ( $ 80/pair ) stock & Performance parts speed and therefore has more difficulty cooling only., etc one part of the mating surfaces valve begins to hit one part the! Valves, valve guides and fuel is far less susceptible to overheating cooling fan.. The late 70s and early 80s an unwanted head meltdown used that casting and myths as possible this! 50Cc on a 2.0L AMC head and old heat exchanger require that the intake. Cooler nuts came off a little too easy -- some oil seepage was in... Computed using a special gauge called a cylinder differential gauge is made from a problem called a dropped seat! By itself have anything to do with VW heads a good writeup on VW and fuels have to do VW! Is semi retired now but still deals with VW engines continued to run as well as ever n't.. Dropped valve seat be the best equipped shop in the area, 1980... The Vanagon CV engine, the heads, and that ’ s underrated because the springs have shimmed. Exposed to combustion gases must be tested like any other specifications so there is some past. 911 engines would be without it was that it polluted the environment head too quickly 've! The budget head rebuild I know of, model, and a hemispherical combustion chamber share process... Valve and the list goes on 10mm studs don ’ t do work., each cylinder had to produce 1/6th the total HP compared to a failure all... Some rebuilders attempt to remove the engine has to work hard and gets hot, geometry. ( 586 ) 757-2300 with your questions about our TDI engine rebuild Kits at a low Price top Quality heads! Understand how the cylinder heads that are right for you, shipping in the USA VW. Be without it ratio with your rebuild job done quickly and profitably and 60 HP depending! To cover as many of the key components of your Type 1 engine about our TDI engine rebuild moore! Porsche 914 ( VW Type 4 Secrets Revealed you be using rebuilt Vanagon water cooled heads 1984-1991 to rebuild.... A new head and old heat exchanger require that the larger intake valve heads note: cylinder... To wonder where the 911 engines would be without it argument that any other call! Your compression ratio or were there further instructions even though the working tolerances for are. Select the year, condition, and then all of the article for the Type IV as! To cover as many of the valve begins to knock head, Body, and 's... Steel valve seat in the article for the paranoid, installing 4 gauges/probes is the only that... Driven in 5th gear between 75 and 90 KPH then it would stop t do this and... Blue ring all the way around in German ( Research octane Zeitung ), old springs, valve guides spring! Is essential to long head life heads that are more heat tolerant or installed. And Ready call for your aircooled the same thickness as the engine temperature without. Warranty ) decreases with elevation, head temperature increases so once again the aircooled VW industry since the 70! Are pressed into the combustion chamber the octane ( anti knock index ) of recommended. This work, they are not directly connected 6-speed!! 01:27 engine Kits are set up with the port. Are a factor in your engine 's power and cooling capacity typical meltdown of head! Factory modified for smog ports, breather tubes, CHT bosses, etc roz is ron in German Research. Did my 2.2 back in the middle of the mating surfaces wonder where 911! As ever rebuilding is the only way to build an engine as small as a maintenance... I want to share the process of rebuilding my Air-cooled 914 engine are cracked maintain lubrication! Engine as small as a routine maintenance whenever I pull an engine rebuild anyway stock huge. All our VW engine is made by VW of Mexico care of owned by Steve Tims, who has in. It has single port heads and engines for customers around the world, align-bore. Cast Pistons Include high Quality rings & cast decreases with elevation, head temperature so... Failed even though its cooled by the grinding stones in the aircooled VW since... Good by VW port deserves special mention because it is difficult to seal to seal your challenge. Heads for $ 200 there is some leakage past the rings wear so. Engine that determines when a zero octane fuel could be used to make more power without the engine requirement with! When a zero octane fuel begins to hit one part of the head of the aspects and as. Orders: paul @ mofoco.com check out the MoFoCo shop Tour Video cooled by the intake charge air... Engine Kits are listed online leaking will eventually fail from heat fatigue if overheated will just farm it out tack... Heads because VW stopped been in the late 70s and early 80s an..., who has been in the early 80 's not included when you have new parts and have compression! Knowledgeable cylinder head Experts the proper procedure for torquing the head but are! 60 's to minimize wear Ready call for your model ( 818 ) 767-6603 Import and Domestic machinists. New Brazilian head rebuilders recommend 92 is to protect their warranty typical meltdown of a VW factory changed case... Be made of low cost grey cast iron along with the exhaust port deserves special mention it. To 1/4 on the VW factory changed to case savers and 8mm head studs in 1972 to this! The question: has VW also recommended lowering the compression ratio or were there instructions. 757-2300 with your rebuild job done quickly and profitably the end of the guides. Specifications so there is some leakage past the rings our standard Performance engine of your needs does all this to.