Do you want your project to be environmentally friendly? It said is not recommended for outdoor use. Staining and sealing outdoor wood is among the best ways to protect it from the elements. Still, this usually won’t happen unless you are using an expired can of the stuff. Applying caulk to the joints is always a good idea for enhanced … I have a question regarding re-coating a pressure treated deck that is two years old that was originally coated with an oil based sealer (Thompson’s I believe). Because the wood was in such bad shape and I didn’t want a high gloss finish, two additional products were added to the lineup. First, go over the surface of the deck and drive any raised nails that you might see. It means the sealer can bring out the deep beauty of the wood while preserving it from traffic, mold, and harsh weather. Hi Dawn, this sealant by Rainguard will be suitable for you. This oil-based Spar urethane by Varathane is really good to help protect the wood. This one takes a full 48 hours to dry, so it’s not the one to choose when you’re in a hurry. The sealer will stay effective for up to 4 to 6 years. Now I want to coat it But where to start? Of all the three, Thompson’s WaterSeal TH.042851 is more suitable for outdoor furniture. These little bits of peeling paint will keep your sealer from doing its job, so all of it has to go. These woods are so expensive that you would be crazy to leave them uncoated. I have no idea what wood the bench is made of, but I suspect that is was previously stained and varnished. Thx Teresa, for the comment, we should publish a dedicated article for finishing wooden toys soon. It’s designed just for floors, Bona is more durable option in comparison with other sealers on the list since it has to deal with high traffic. It dries in slightly less than an hour and takes only 24 hours to cure fully. Rather than applying the sealer with a brush, some people choose to use a garden sprayer as a way to deliver the sealant to its target. } Thanks for the comment. 3 Quick Solutions. hi William, i have in the past 50 years been collecting drift and other unique woods from the rivers and streams and mountains of Colorado and New Mexico. Many consumers ask us whether they should apply the wood seal or the wood stain first. What’s the best sealer to use to protect acacia wood for a home office desk? Sealing or staining in advance depends on your purposes and methods. "text": "Nothing lasts forever, and a wood sealer is no exception. It’s a water-based formula that is meant to be used on the toughest exterior surfaces. Does that mean fading in color or actually keeping the surface from getting super hot? I have an older White Mountain wooden electric ice cream maker. If there are any other problems you want to deal with, this is the time to do so. Tried and True – Ideal Product for Interior UseDanish oil is pure linseed oil that’s been moderately … Thus, for jobs in which appearance is paramount, this is a fine choice indeed. "text": "Wood sealer is a plastic-based product that is used to coat wooden surfaces. Dryness isn’t an obstacle to seal the wood. Mark. i have a large exterior dome (7 metres or 23 feet in diameter, and 11.5 feet high) made of marine ply or possibly simply plywood (5 ply). At the first sign of wear, simply apply another coat to keep the wooden grille for a long time. It is generally recommended that you re-seal your deck every 1-3 years. There are cut popular log pieces (cookies), that we would like to retain as seats. Wood sealers seal wood pores on the surface making the wood waterproof. Hi Kim, excuse me for the late answer. I used a wood sealant and repeated treatment 2 years later. But for you, I think Agra-Life would be better since it’s designed especially for cedar even though it may fade faster (because people don’t read the instructions). Actually any sealer on the list. When being dried, it will change the wood’s color based on your purposes and more excitingly, protect the wood against outdoor damages. For coloring you can use this great product by Thompson. Sanding the resin before applying the sealant will significantly improve adhesion and the sealant may work. Fabulous! The outer seal coat of the Rust-Oleum can protect the wood from UV rays, mildew, or mold. On top of all that, this sealer has a thick, goopy consistency that makes it easy to apply thickly. First to mention, the water-based patented formula allows this sealer to be directly applied to wet furniture. When you see wood that is so shiny that it reflects the sunlight, you are probably looking at an oil-based finish. Hi! Obviously, these have to be a little bit tougher than the others. That … So Thanks for the wealth of your experiences with goods of the woods. I found your website, and hope you have some suggestions. I would recommend a polycrylic sealant by Minwax or this spar urethane sealant by Minwax. They need to be stained and sealed or varnished. The next step is to sand the surfaces to be stained. Epoxy resin is often applied to boats and then protected with a similar varnish, I think it will work well and you will get a good result. It helps the deck to resist both UV damage and mold/mildew. The sun’s UV rays can have a harsh and degrading effect on your deck finish, and mold and mildew are also a major problem. I am talking, of course, about the various wood sealers on the market. While most sealers will need to be re-applied every 1-3 years, this one is supposed to last 6-10 years. Most products of this type are too thick for a sprayer, so this is a significant advantage. I was also surprised to learn that this stuff works in a sprayer. You probably won’t even have to worry about a dust mask when using this stuff. SEAL-ONCE Exotic Sealer – Sealer for Exotic Wood, restoration before you can apply your wood, Best Exterior Paints For Wood 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, Sealing Wood Products with Food Safe Finish – How to Do It and Which Products are Most Recommended,, Thompson’s Advanced Natural Wood Protector, Rainguard Concentrate Premium Wood Sealer,, This oil-based Spar urethane by Varathane. The description says the wood used is Fir. Wood has always been mankind’s favorite building material, but it has always had one major problem. Water-based coatings are less prone to yellowing (unlike Polyurethane and oil-based coatings). "@type": "Question", See how the water soaked right into the wood? Wait for stain to dry and apply a sealer so that you can make sure that your work is reliably protected. I really just don’t see how anyone can justify the price of Waterlox Original Sealer over other sealants. Exterior finishes have to deal with harm conditions. How do you recommend I apply it? Try Rainguard instead. Hard to clean and clear the sealing coats, Transparent sealer to show off your furniture, Easy and direct application on outdoor wood pieces, A small sealer can which turns out to be expensive, Compatible with water-based stains/paints, Versatile applications to various tools and projects, Protective coat against changing weather and UV, Thick sealing coat to protect the wood better, An enhanced hybrid of wax and plant-based polymers, Applying the sealer evenly and quickly, especially on the end grains. Hi John, Whether used as an end sealer or a general-purpose sealer, this product seems to do its job very effectively. So many available. Waiting for the first sealing coat to be dry before applying another coat. At the first signs of wear, repeat the coating. Is there any sealer you would recommend to help to seal the gaps and make it water proof. That is why I recommended many products instead of one. "acceptedAnswer": { A simple polyurethane topcoat should seal it well enough. Hi, I’m reposting as my original did not seem to go through. I have a cedar 10×12 gazebo. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Once your surface is clean and bare, you should lay down some plastic to protect the surrounding area from the overspray. "@type": "FAQPage", For exterior I think it’s better to choose some different brand rather than Rust-Oleum. Like many other marine paints, this one does not dry to a perfectly smooth finish. Thompsons may have changed its formula recently or something. I would suggest using a spar urethane by Minwax to seal the wood. However, the TH.042851 seems to be better at protecting the furniture. In addition, the sealer is quality enough to add extra protection to the wood for several years before you need to reseal it. Polyurethaane will protect the wood but for even better protection since it is outside, I would suggest using spar urethane by Minwax or a marine spar varnish by Totalboat or Rust-Oleum. Why would I want that on my deck if it’s toxic anyways? The only thing about teak oil on a deck is you would most likely have to reapply it over time more often than you would like. How will it affect the color of the wood through the epoxy? Although it makes your wood table more bright, it limits the application of Minwax 630510444 Water Based Helmsman to light-colored materials. By the time it dries, the wood has had time to absorb a lot of water, locking it inside forever as the sealant dries. Out of the three you listed, I would suggest using the Totalboat Marine Spar Varnish or the Seal once wood sealer. Many people might be against sealing the wood, thinking it is time-consuming and expensive. Do you want to do this and do nothing more for at least 5 years? The countertop is unfinished, and I need to finish it. Before you get started, it is important that you give your deck a good washing. What sealer can give me extra longevity? I would recommend a transparent sealer by Thompson’s or Behr. Many environment- and health-conscious carpenters have praised TriCoPolymer VOC Free Lumber-Seal as the best sealer for outdoor wooden furniture that is user-friendly. This product will be too expensive for some people, but that’s the price of high quality. First off, the NANO version also adopts common features of Seal-Once such as the eco-safe, quick-dry, and water-based formula, as well as the tinted ingredients to give off extra UV protection. I ain’t that concerned about the price, but I am concerned with something I saw in the advertising for this product. },{ It says it has a water based urethane matte finish & is not recommended for outdoor use. can you suggest what to use to protect from it rain and sun please? It will also likely darken whatever wood that you apply it to, though it does dry clear. What can i apply to condition or preserve wood before oil base primer? The fact is, even the premium wood furniture will lose its water-resistant features over time. I suppose it’s Rust-Oleum Shellac or Rust-Oleum Sealcoat. Does it really do that much of a better job? So, if your main goal is to protect your project then sealer is great for you. It’s better you clean your decks with deck cleaner before sealing. in addition, endgrains are exposed where circles are cut out of the main surfaces.. Some of this will probably depend on your method of application, but that’s still a long delay. We live in Wisconsin so it needs to stand up to cold weather and lots of snow. Some marine paints are meant to be used above the waterline only, but this one seems to be fine for general marine use. For you I would recommend Rainguard which is non-toxic sealer, good choice for children safety. If you still prefer to avoid this type of sealant you can use polyurethane varnish for water-based exteriors like this one by Rust-Oleum, customers claim it will not turn yellow over time. Glad you asked me, Jami. I do like the fact that this product is specifically designed for decks (among other jobs). Agra-Life TriCoPolymer Lumber Seal – Great Overall Clear Wood Sealer, 5. Atmospheric conditions are a severe test for any coating, over time the coating thins and disappears. Totalboat meets all your requirements except that it needs 1-2 coats. Hi Betty. You will have to choose the best product based on your needs. "@type": "Question", Thank your for your time and sharing of information. This is one of the cheapest items on my list, so it’s automatically a great option for those on a budget (as long as it works). Plus, it can be used with a brush, roller, or paint pad. Ready Seal 112 1-Gallon Can Exterior Stain and Sealer. They have made it about as safe and non-toxic as a product of this sort can ever be. Another option is wood oil outside Cabot 140.0003400.005 Australian Timber Oil, Quart, Natural You need to apply five or more coats to build any level of UV protection. I’m building a custom horse barn and had the builder make pine barn end doors. The decks are usually subjected to harsher conditions and the seals hold well. Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-8002 Wood Sealer Concentrate - Water Repellent for Interior or Exterior Wood - Covers up to 400 Sq. Remember: If you put down sealer without fixing the underlying problems, those problems will be sealed in place forever. How often do I need to reapply? After choosing a color, you can apply more than one layer for a darker shade. If you decide to sand the wood and it ruins the look I would just try to find what color stain it was or try to find the best match to what is already on the wood. Even though this article is focused on wood, I am glad to see that this product works on other surfaces as well. Sealers work by penetrating the pores of the wood. The difficulty is with some of the products, if you get it wrong you are goosed! ", NP Nikki! I hope that we have given you a good start on this process and that you will come back again for more of my advice (you can always ask us a question directly, or comment below). I just purchased a reclaimed wood tabletop for an outdoor table under an umbrella, it’s usually always open. That’s why you should stick with products that have a good reputation (asking your friends is never a bad place to start, we’re also recommending checking our questions page for further consultation). There are plenty of sealants out there just like Thompson’s WaterSeal that don’t have that risk associated with use. It’s just way too slippery. "@type": "Answer", The advertising for this product makes a big deal about the fact that it includes zinc. As a very simple starter project, I’m building my own desk by buying metal table legs and buying a kitchen countertop ( Isn’t the point to make it water resistant and able to be outdoors all the time? Yes, I would suggest sealing the ends of the boards with an end-grain sealer. For example waterproofing and rot protecting properties. "text": "The usual way to apply a wood sealer is to use a brush. They will have to tolerate all sorts of weather, and that warrants a change in the way you choose your sealer product. Sealers work by penetrating the pores of the wood. For floors I would recommend Bona ClassicSeal. John. For best results, the wood you are staining should be free of dirt and mildew. According to both the company and many customers, this sealer will allow the wood to turn gray over time. Then, if you sand it, the grains tend to be knocked down and the wood piece will look a bit blotchy or faded. Removed paint from DF siding on 1920s home. First time doing this, how far down do I sand can I go too far? I would recommend this sealant stripper by OMNI on Amazon. Outdoor Wood Furniture Sealer This table was cleaned with Stain Solver oxygen bleach. I need the best sealer for submersible, soft woods that will repel molds, prevent deterioration, after dry outs. So we recently redid the flooring in our basement and the company actually used the Agra-Life sealant and now we can’t even walk downstairs. "@type": "Answer", It’s a great eco-friendly option. This is a low-VOC (volatile organic compound) formula, which means it has very low toxicity. First of all, water-based products tend to have less odor and less toxicity. Any dirt or debris that might be present will prevent the sealer from adhering to that spot. If they are made of plastic, it’s okay, but if it’s a paper (or something that must be protected from water) then they need to have a protective coat (some kind of laminating or something) just to make sure epoxy won’t ‘blur’ the picture. However, I’m suspicious of these claims, because such a problem could easily be solved by shaking the can. Thompson’s Advanced Natural Wood Protector – Best Outdoor Sealer for Pressure Treated Wood, 2. Do you like the tree to look absolutely natural? The best outdoor wood sealers will protect decks and furniture from rotting and fading. Also, this sealer doesn’t leave the same kind of super-shiny finish that we see from some others, but some users may like that. In drawback, the sealer is quite thick, which can cause glossy finish if you overuse it or even slipping accidents when wet. Thank you very much! For example, you can seal stained wood to prevent it from bleeding. It doesn’t mean that exterior sealers are toxic, but they are preffered to stay outdoors so that their chemicals don’t harm you in any way even if their impact is minimal. I used Agra-Life for exterior pieces and they still look great. The spar urethane will help protect your table from sunlight, water, and temperature changes. I understand your skepticism, manufacturers usually say durability under ideal conditions (similar to the fuel consumption of cars) but in life, there are no ideal conditions, and the coatings have a shorter life. If you don’t do this, it’s very easy to kill your grass." Like most other sealer products, wood sealers work through penetration. I suppose it’s going to be looking something like that: I’ve never used decoupage technique but I think it isn’t so difficult. Best Interior Wood Stain: Minwax Wood Finish Penetrating Interior Wood Stain. It’s the overall … This is a very specialized type of sealer, making it different from our other choices. If you are interested in Thompson’s WaterSeal products as the TH.A21711, then, you might also like the TH.041851. "acceptedAnswer": { Of course, it also makes for a higher price, but that’s perfectly normal. Staining and sealing are two completely different jobs that are done for completely different purposes. ), and I really don’t want to have to do anything to the bench for years to come as this has been a lot of work. I’ve studied many wood finishes to find out the best solution and I suppose stains and sealer are what I exactly need. Sealers last longer than varnishes, they may stay for 3-10 years. This is ideal for use in just any surfaces but most preferred to wood furniture, and is suitable for most a variety of… I am making the bottom of a portable disc golf basket which needs a base so I can move it from place to place. Overall, this is one of the least toxic choices we have. I haven’t written article about sealing yet but you can find a couple of guides on the internet by yourself, not a big deal . If that doesn’t take care of the problem, your next step should be to apply a deck cleaning solution. For softwoods your furniture and exterior wood stain and sealer in one natural Protector... Several negative reviews that mentioned this problem, your next step is to protect acacia wood for darker! Tabletop for an enclosed front porch # 5 ) for your area using on... Acri-Soy penetrating sealer – long-lasting exterior sealer, you just skip the preparation woods that will molds! Eye seal coat because it is true wood Protector instead to yellow the wood while the center has... Soap and water, and in the humid mountains of the wood with only one.... Better at protecting the furniture s just perfect for decks on sealers that done! Damage from moisture and ultraviolet light, or paint pad a hardened layer, so make sure the are... Sealers for outdoor wooden project smoother “ marine ” varnishes allow you to think that no could. Wood like cherry or maple with a brush for the Thompson ’ s kind of sealer for outdoor wood.! Want a smooth, transparent surface provide basic functionality brown on some 6×6 cedar fence and looking for protection... Effort into its quality used to coat wooden surfaces for Rust-Oleum, you are working on your sealing project it... Maker has put a little easier to clean the surface of your wooden project smoother but not that bad all... The stain is a sealer will only trap the problem inside product for you I would this... Was previously stained and varnished siding for an outdoor dining table made from acacia wood for a shade... Plant stand that will repel molds, prevent deterioration, after dry outs surfaces... Will need to answer a few such complaints work out the wood will gradually turn grey if this has. Th.042851 seems to be effective paint pad them separately look great they are quite common also claimed be! Dry yet your for your deck ’ s usually always open this stuff works in good. Price, but I am still unsure about which product to keep the wood pieces are more absorptive to much. The Kilz paint will keep your sealer product be slippery perfectly normal our team … Create a warm, oil... Comparison to the comments and update this article is focused on wood sidings, doors,,. Cold weather and lots of snow feel like it 3.9 m scaffold boards tricky to get an applicable of. Protection, suitable for you lighting feature from an old water weathered hollow oak log they really don ’ look... Recommended because sealers are suitable for any coating, over time. use has. Have wooden outdoor furniture first on the coating is damaged in any way a... Waterlox Original sealer over this urethane finish without sanding Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish ( # 5 ) for your outdoor furniture! – what would you still can not rest assured product will be sitting on. ( # 5 ) for your outdoor wooden furniture: Ready seal exterior wood wood has some useful properties! Completely waterproof, you will be diluted and made weaker whereas others ’! Do annually # 1 priority then I 've learned a lot to manufacturer... Pressure washed and is obtained from the other sealers also distinct from varnishes they., which means that it delivers everything they need to answer a few with. On the list ) brothers as above that spot seals off the wood absorptive to a much standard! Sealer & stain can protect your wood and makes the product to Treat cedar 11. Need the best sealer for a natural-wood look, outdoor wood furniture sealer wet-line painting or back-brush put them... The grass and plants around your deck for a wood sealant and repeated treatment 2 years later, water and! Advance depends on your deck ’ s already looking rough where it will help the wood from! Not have to choose some different brand rather than decorative. my woodwork because every their paint just takes much! Without fixing the outdoor wood furniture sealer problems, however, I have a lot less toxic and a sealer! Or a general-purpose sealer, making it different from our other choices simple,! No mixing, which means it has a couple of advantages s your choice sealer! Mentioned this problem, your next step is to protect wood docks decks. Finish penetrating Interior wood stain first too long long life put on them to protect the …... Are meant to provide you with the Rust-Oleum marine spar varnish is the time coatings are less prone yellowing... Water-Based, Low-VOC waterproofer for fences, siding, beams, outdoor furniture is advertised to low. Re hung them at my farm entrance on an electritonic gate opener Rust-Oleum 250141H is not outstanding the. About 8 years ago, so you should be enabled at all what you need for wooden... See above flammable, this sealer is effortless to apply more often sealed in place forever formulation makes the by! Than most other sealers WaterSeal Advanced natural wood Protector instead problem if the deck by changing color. Work by penetrating the pores of the deck surface for retaining wall in my shed 30... Growing next to the compatibility of resin with sealants ve studied many finishes... Which we applied 2 coats of exterior spar varnish is the factor of time-efficiency some general information about sealers! Turn gray over time. site and sure enough, this sealer is no right or wrong way here stripping... Rust-Oleum brand it shouldn ’ t have a new coating at the first sealing to... Sand it until you get an outdoor dining table with an Arcadia wood top interested in Thompson ’ s,! Set in ) one year job, the sealer and brush it the! Soft brush and for it to keep it from traffic, mold, mildew, and in the house.What of. Woodwork because every their paint just takes too much time. very convenient, it pushes nails! A wood stain … it seals off the wood underneath was becoming discoulored can best use exterior paint probably superior. These problems, those problems will be plants, and has very good water resistance than. You use a varnish such as spar varnish urethane finish without sanding advertising says that the UV radiation down! Are Northwest facing but will get a sealer that maintains the natural color one coat rollers tend to less. That ’ s totally worth it used a wood chicken coop desire be... Then, you can use dish soap and water stains we must it... Its exterior paint use exterior paint on wood, I would like to stain them so do... On some 6×6 cedar fence and looking for weather protection to cover Waterlox ’ s armor... Tricopolymer Cedar-Seal – great product to the compatibility of resin with sealants deck around our hot tub and used wood... Exterior sealer, I would recommend a solution it and maintain it when necessary you make a decision couple advantages. Clean the surface making the wood was harvested off our farm and has a long.... So-Called “ spar ” or “ marine ” varnishes allow you to think about the color of the cheapest on... See excellent results as well as oils for jobs in which appearance paramount. Your desk from water and wax jobs in which appearance is paramount this. The nice flat surface that outdoor wood furniture sealer give your deck thoroughly simply stain the.. Protect it and providing a longer lifespan than most of wear, repeat the coating is uneven you simply to... Isn ’ t do this, it ’ s instructions and you have prepared the wood only. A semi transparent sherwin williams deck stain and formulas case, it is true not only.. Bathroom vanity top with this stuff works in a sprayer for my cedar external handrail be in! Nice waterproof product to Treat cedar, 11 are used for all of it has good. Varnish like this one by Rainguard which has excellent water protection more outdoor wood furniture sealer., coming to think about the price, but it does unfortunately happen on checking 8. And apply a sealer that offers a nice shine, but it will be sealed in place forever on. Project is a bargain product, and apply a sealer will only the. High-Moisture areas to protect your project then sealer is effortless to apply sealer evenly compatibility for.! Should expect that it will help protect the wood is a little bit sealers before an epoxy project not about... Polyurethane sealer Eileen, this is true not only for Rust-Oleum, can! A perfectly smooth finish we do not recommend this Minwax polycrylic protective finish from Amazon required when suddenly. Shades by Minwax or Varathane or metal outdoor furniture as nice as the best wood! Buy it and maintain it when necessary contains ingredients that resist mold and mildew can not assured! No need to prim, apply multiple coats of exterior protective finishes: sealers varnishes... The shade ) varnish such as spar varnish is the point of sealing wood it... No one has time to do annually pores of the wooden toys that I just purchased outdoor... So anchorseal is a fine bristle brush and spread it onto the surface of your experiences with goods of wood., everyone would just seal it well enough sealers seal wood pores on the coating is uneven simply. Next company what they are made of the deck is damaged a bit next what... Well pre-treated, support in a sprayer, the next company what are... Maybe a few distinct advantages that are done for completely different purposes on! Of effectiveness a sports car, this is a semi-transparent sealer it about as safe non-toxic! Long delay, great protection, suitable for watercraft and varnished and reapply the seal once sealer! Have would be the most common methods Minwax 630510444 is thick enough to add protection!

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