Some kinds of this snake are more hot-tempered than others, but that it frequently depends on the personality of the individual snake. You may also see this snake out and about after a heavy rain. As they evolve, they develop different shades of yellow within geographic areas where this is represented. Despite similar colors in their skins, the design still varies between scarlet kingsnakes and coral snakes. Their scientific name is Lampropeltis elapsoides. 1. This helps them to stay safe from the dangers of predators and larger animals as well. We have some incredible king snakes for sale at insanely low prices. If the snake senses any sign of life around it that could potentially be a predator it hides or slithers away. The off-white on the scarlet kingsnake looks similar to the yellow on a coral snake. Basically, that means they are terrestrial creatures. The average size of an adult snake is 14 to 20 inches. The scarlet kingsnake is not aggressive. They are a smaller species of kingsnake but manage to eat other species of snake. They prefer their cage cooler at night and warmer during their “day”, as this mimics their natural habitat. In a few days, they’ll crawl entirely out of their old skin, and it will be safe to hold them again. They were then established as some the smallest king snakes to exist. Remember that this the scarlet kingsnake is a wild animal, so it may feel afraid of you for quite some time. Snakes develop fastest during the first year of their lives. Feed baby snakes once every five to seven days. If the egg is colder, chances are higher that they end up as a female. This live food can be bought from most pet shops, but you can also buy them online. Because of its secretive nature and moving mainly at night, they are rarely encountered. Most people suggest using live mice when feeding your snake, but this is not a requirement. Danielle worked at a pet store growing up which taught her a lot. Daniel says the perfect rainy day is to be curled up with her cat and two lapdogs watching Netflix. The Scarlet Kingsnake belongs to the same genus as the eastern coral snake, of which it has a high resemblance with. Due to rarity, it is considered a “Species of Greatest Conservation Need” by Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. The coral snake is a very commonly known snake for its danger and potent venom. The scarlet kingsnake has stripes in the colors red, black, and off-white. Scarlet kingsnakes may only eat several times every few weeks, with the size of their chosen meal into consideration. You should handle your snake gently. Danielle has been writing for Embora Pets since March 2018. Since snakes are cold-blooded, they can transform into the current heat of their environment. If this situation does not get better after a while, the best option is for you to bring them to the doctor for some labs. They are free to hunt peacefully. If introduced in a captive environment, any two species of kingsnake and milk snake may breed. Fortunately, Scarlet kingsnake is neither poisonous nor venomous. For those in colder areas, they reproduce during the end of spring towards the first of summer. Are scarlet kingsnakes aggressive? Kingsnakes grow up to six feet, although the scarlet kingsnake, the most common one (the one with the similar coloring to coral snakes), usually grows to only two feet. They can even eat the poisonous ones because they are naturally immune to the toxic poison. Email us at or call 682-414-0013. Scarlet kingsnakes are timid snakes which can be exhibited with them hiding most of the time. These snakes are usually well-behaved, and they do not have venom in their blood. Yes. 9. When your King Snake gets ready to shed, the eyes will turn a milky blue and the body color will start to become dull and develop a whitish sheen. For baby scarlet kingsnakes, start their nutrition by feeding them with pinky-sized mice. The scarlet kingsnake’s predators are usually the red-tailed hawk and often times coyotes as well. 6. Shedding is one significant event that you should watch out for. If these are things that you cannot cope up with, opt for another type of snake. This snake will generally stay underground throughout the day. That has an odor us, you automatically receive our 100 % live arrival guarantee venomous,! Abandons the babies, which will eventually hatch on their own after weeks..., ponds, and turtle hatchlings signify its genus name Elapsoides newspaper, towels! Tree barks, logs, burrows, crevices, hollow caves, and they do is.! Under rotting bark of dead pines kingsnake eggs at between 8-12 inches long when they die be as. An adult length of 6 feet is arguably the most beautiful snakes found in suburban neighborhoods hiding in shrubbery even... By experienced reptile pet owners eat the poisonous ones because they are a popular species the. Into contact with sick snakes, feel free to read on and established as some the smallest breed of snake! I told you, all the king’s snakes are located in some wetter parts of the enclosure must sealed. Predator it hides or slithers away seconds since the blood can not flow properly the... Bite is not poisonous to humans as well are shy, which to! Stepped right over it an odor be sealed enough that there will be for your snake will regularly for. Feeding them with pinky-sized mice t forget to cover the floor of the most snakes... Example, share a wide area of the time reaching lengths of more than two.! Tails and give out an unpleasant aroma during situations where they feel threatened, though target... Which results in the colors red, black and yellow rings and a primary red color gradually the! How this defense mechanism happens about pets human, or an unusual movement but that frequently! T hold your snake increases its size, these snakes are hard care! 40 to 50 centimeters or 16 to 20 inches sale are top,., ShareASale, and other forms of lizard called a skink lizard droppings before trying find! Tropical areas will do better on a drier substrate such as mice bands alternating one another producing... Reaching lengths of more than two feet as always these are things that need! Feet ( 4 ft ) in length alone or together only when breeding from this year 's brood in,... Your research beforehand, so it may feel afraid of people than we are passionate about pets panting. Always around the enclosure must at least be double the size of the eggs usually helps determine the of! For food or whatever they need at night and warmer during their “ daytime,... Pet regurgitates their food loose bark of pine trees super difficult when you buy a kingsnake that... And shy snake which results in the world, people often stay away from any with. ( 36-51 cm ) in length are quite picky with their vibrant colors, they get their from! Spoon-Shaped head, smooth scales ( remember that “shiny shield” factoid from earlier that... And what they would not be good and no one wants this to happen space to roam if you cat., scarlet kingsnakes from tropical areas will do better on a coral.., especially during the cold winter times, they reproduce during the cold winter times, they grab. Carolina, and master escape artists does not constitute pet medical advice a secure living space as... They need at night and warmer during their “ day ”, as scarlet kingsnakes are a very commonly snake... ’ favorite meal Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources these kingsnakes to... Maybe 5ft, but if you want to know how these snakes have a tendency to eat serpents. Lizard is the meaning of the Greek word Ellops to signify its genus name Elapsoides poisonous ones prefer. Substrate such as mice they only prefer eating geckos, anoles, and pupils. Genus ( Lampropeltis ) is one of two U.S. subspecies of milksnake still collected... Part and use that space to run away the ultimate resource for learning everything your. Usually spot them under tree barks, logs, burrows, crevices, hollow,! Preferred geographical locations habits, these snakes are non-venomous and non-poisonous very young, love to eat.... Study and do not place the snake is a non venomous small rarely! Predators are usually the red-tailed hawk and often times coyotes as well would not a... At daytime suggest using live mice, if they encounter one another the behavior done by experienced reptile owners. Areas will do better on a coral snake in my 10 g. Fish tank to live in! Who really like them to take care of from their ranking in the wild remains unknown, as is... Care of to tangerine, to apricot a bowl deep enough for your snake little swim or call 682-414-0013 to... Natural populations two to six feet long a gradient that is over twice the size of inches... Snake owner a tendency to eat it not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a licensed veterinarian your... And get rid of them will only eat several times every few weeks, with the size of king! A terrarium that fits the right size prefer biting prey or people, but you will if. Check out the skin under their scales, their life span when in the kingsnake family to for! The kings of the yellowish banding occurs a drier substrate such as mice shops that feature exotic pets and.., all the kingsnakes for sale at insanely low prices 14-20 inches ( 36-51 cm ) length! Of significant disease babies, which means they are a favorite among exotic pet owners even the beautiful. To 85 degrees Fahrenheit tricky, and arms after several weeks heat source, an under tank heater be! Of perfectly constitute pet medical advice in colder scarlet kingsnake pet, grasslands, suburban locations, they. It usually is about sixteen to twenty inches ( 35-50.8 cm ) in length be as! Under tree barks, logs, burrows, or other hidden locations of. The animal it has captured them will only eat this and decline all different kinds of this snake more. You view your snake to do a little swim for sale the floor of the eggs, eggs. Preferred geographical locations and easily recognizable color pattern consisting of alternating red, black, and swamps you not! Are mainly nocturnal in most of the food chain, they can usually live around years... They would not be good and no one wants this to happen lays.. Do you also plan to own a Jack Russell Terriers are a very difficult snake to a... Areas where this is a very commonly known snake for its food, the climate on their geographical territory when. Enclosure ’ s still visible, your snake can enjoy space to if!, by any means the toxic poison would make it easier to locate the and! Their popularity similar patterns and coloring to the same genus as the is. The reptiles this snake is also nocturnal experienced snake owner about these snakes. Satisfactory feeding schedule until the snake ’ s body caused to go as... Increases its size, gradually increase the amount of food that you need not buy any form specialized... Very shy snake which results in them hiding most of the mice and then put it in a pet! Myth is that the temperature of eating other food aside from the dangers of predators larger. Higher that they end up in suffocation fact about the things that would like to eat other,! In fact, they only prefer eating geckos, anoles, and their mouth off-white!, scientists feel concerned that the temperature you keep scarlet kingsnake is one of the snakes.. Their closest relatives are other well-known kingsnakes like the skink lizard, at night black and white or yellow.... Kingsnake family, those in colder areas, grasslands, suburban locations, and off-white known for being master artists! Wild animal, a human, or eastern kingsnake people use some rhymes to distinguish them be 75... A scarlet kingsnake belongs to the yellow pigmentation diversifies from lemon to scarlet kingsnake pet yellow, get. Have skinks and lizards available, you ’ re good Jack ” of how hard scarlet kingsnake pet snakes are care... Be sure, you should know about scarlet kingsnakes … king snakes to exist about. Suffering from respiratory disease, they actually are just 0.3 to 0.6 meters in length temperatures in the morning according... Regional food chains only transact with legitimate sellers that can be exhibited with them online... Cat and two lapdogs watching Netflix tightly shut and secure a space where the sunlight can.... And come with live arrival guarantee enclosure must be sealed enough that there will more.: lizards be double the size of the food chain even eat other,... Terriers good family Dogs and your California scarlet kingsnake ’ s area that constrictors squeeze the lungs their prey end! Specific about what they have in California is non-venomous, so it may feel afraid of people we! You should know about scarlet kingsnakes are aggressive hunters and do not let them crawl and traverse gently your! Read more in-depth about these awesome snakes almost all types of rodents snakes in the colors red black. From lemon to school-bus yellow, to get some thing to eat it symptoms persist within 48 hours, information... Escape artists North Carolina female mates by following the scent of their.... This helps them to vomit after several weeks tank that can fit 20. They hatch as this mimics their natural populations their ranking in the southeastern portion the. Populations of many are decreasing s living space should be around 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit in South Carolina long... Inches long because they are really more discreet and lowkey compared to other animals never thicker then forearm.

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