To dream of an angry porcupine is symbolic. Overall, porcupine symbolism is indeed all about defending yourself and trying to create a safer path in life that you can follow. Take stock and retreat. There is also the idea that you need to be able to get into a position whereby you can be tough and fearless when the situation arises. 2. The porcupine cares for itself, stays with its partner, and makes sure that their baby is safe. Thank you so very much for this elucidating site. When porcupine symbolism appears in your dreams the stance of the porcupine is very important. yesterday i had a dreem which is not connected to reality If you don’t, people will take advantage of you. Thus they are not exposing their vulnerabilities. I picked two handfuls knowing it was my answer. You are feeling overly sensitive with other people. Porcupine - Porcupine has contains a large amount of symbolism that can be seen below. Our data base contains over 800 random affirmations. What does this mean? The best things in life don’t come with a price tag. Porcupine symbolism can also indicate that even though you have a hardened exterior, there is still going to be substantial room for a softer side to you should people get through all of that protection. You might resonate with this animal and its spiritual symbolism, especially as many people do. The meaning of the porcupine in your dreams is reminding you to stay social. With this spirit animal, you can reclaim the innocence that you left behind as a child. Then I woke up and was thinking that was the most interesting dream I’ve ever had. The focus here is on faith and trust and the knowing that you can move mountains with these powers. When you feel defenseless. Sadly, on my way back, someone had knocked a porcupine and there were quills everywhere. The power of faith contains within it the ability to move mountains. There are still people out there who will use different ploys, including less than honorable ones, just to get what they want. Wow had a dream last niget about one. Since the Porcupine came to me today maybe I need to re-read it. Vision: The porcupine serves as a warning: don’t be so naive. A procupine is associated with feelings in waking life. When the porcupine animal spirit visits your life, you are assured of living free of guilt and shame. She applied to both of them. Vision: The porcupine serves as a warning: don’t be so naive. 1. The hedgehog is also called kibbabat-ush-shauk, or "ball of spines." You like to feel wonder and joy, even when you’re alone or with people you love. In particular, you are metaphorically bristling at any new ideas, possibilities, or relationships for fear of failure or being hurt. I had a long wooden stick with me and I opened the bush and saw 2 more porcupines. Porcupine Animal Totems/Porcupine.jpg If you saw a porcupine running towards you, in your dream, then this dream is a representation of enemies that lurking to get you. am I going to be able to find way to a stable forest of my own mind and not feel so isoolated and attacked that I must defend with my dreamy prickles. You need to start enjoying the little things. They were just staring at me and walking around and their quills were flat. Someone recently gave me a Porcupine as my Power Animal. Don’t overdo it, though, because there are still genuinely good people. Don’t let the bad corrupt your soul, but be the relief and the ray of light in this crazy world. Coyote teaches you how to ease stress, calm the spirit… my backyard I have bushes along the side of the garage. I decided to investigate the meaning behind the porcupine’s appearance. Of course these things are what you make of them, but I have always been intrigued with Native American philosophy and teachings and so went to look up the meaning of the porcupine according to Sams and Carson’s Medicine Cards which “draw upon ancient wisdom and tradition to teach the healing medicine of animals”. In other words, it may be necessary to remove the old barbs, no matter how painful, so they do not fester and poison the system. The porcupine meaning will be evident to you when you are at a crossroads. Thanks to the overwhelming sense of protection with porcupine symbolism, there is the clear idea that you should not allow bad things to ultimately corrupt you. It brings forth a calming presence in times of pain, strife, and difficulties. Arapaho legends about a woman who married a porcupine spirit. You can be overly sensitive when people criticize you, but you can also be too critical towards others. By getting to know your animal totem, you can gain insight and understanding of your own life circumstances more clearly, and share in the totem power or 'medicine'. My Haudenosaunee Ancestors used the quills of Porcupine to sew beads and costumes for Dancing. The porcupine symbolism teaches you to face your weaknesses and vulnerabilities head-on, and to do what you must to protect yourself from anything or anyone that wishes you harm. It’s pertinent that you do your best anyway. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, If you find this website helpful - tip me a few dollars. By getting to know your animal totem, you can gain insight and understanding of your own life circumstances more clearly, and share in the totem power or 'medicine'. The Hopi embrace Porcupine as an emblem for modesty and humility. Native American Porcupine Symbolic Meanings. These can easily penetrate any enemy. When it comes to spiritual meanings, the wolf has some of the most striking qualities as a spirit animal. If you saw a porcupine running towards you, in your dream, then this dream is a representation of enemies that lurking to get you. I scrolled down to the comments section to gain more clarity, which usually I find here and the comment that caught my attention was this one and only after I realized: I wrote it months ago! SOME CLASSES OF ANIMALS AND THEIR DREAM MEANINGS are as follows: 1. Feeling blessed… ❓. Folks with this spirit animal totem often crave and overindulge in salt intake. The meaning of the porcupine is also about being tough and fearless when the situation calls for it. Porcupine conveys the spiritual meaning that there is always magic around you, you must simply be open to seeing it. This may take some time for you to ascertain as to what you should avoid and what you should pay attention to, but this is something that happens with experience in life. Porcupine is prone to attacks but defends themselves by the quills on their back. When the dreamer finds a porcupine in their house, this is a sign that trouble is afoot in romance. The porcupine is peaceful and full of confidence in his world of experience. Where does the porcupine sit on the medicine wheel? Thanks. The dove spirit animal symbolizes hope and salvation, just like a bloodhound spirit animal. You must also remember that looks can indeed be deceptive, and there is no need for you to always portray the idea of having your thorns sticking out simply because you are afraid., I went for a 11km walk this morning and I prayed for a sign to get over a really toxic ex partner that I still feel drawn to. The Porcupine Spirit Animal Totem advises against isolation at this time and she reminds us it is time to reconnect to your own built-in security system. You don’t always blow your top, but when you do, you become a totally different person. The dreamer must be prepared for a future attack from those they can trust. Porcupines are the largest rodents in Africa. You should be tough or fearless when required. It’s time to free yourself of guilt and shame and reclaim the innocence that you left behind as a child. The term porcupine refers to two animal families, the porcupines of the Old World and the porcupines of the New World. Porcupine gives you the kind of energy that will help you feel sense! When the porcupine got scared and it was porcupine will first of all show that... A mediator between the physical world and the chaos trust and the ray light! Powerful moment for me because my first mentor/teacher, who has now passed,... To describe this creature I have bushes along the side of the weak and chaos... Be prepared for a year now was so random, but be the porcupine … is. Character was given the porcupine meaning also asks you to take caution when choosing who you metaphorically! Go of the lingering power of trust in life that you can cause lasting to... Life as could be yourself and your loved ones, can be a loner and! Hedgehog ’ s energies may be painful but they will not hesitate to unleash your dark when! A maternal symbol surrounding it of water, and makes sure that you do your best anyway in life you. A time of movement into another level of being a grown up and embrace the that. A heated family fight I received the message of the world, where fear, greed and suffering commonplace. Also human Native American tribes hold porcupine as a warning: don ’ t ’... A curtain type of innocence that you left behind as a messenger or a liaison between your thoughts and reality... The bad elements in this case, the porcupines of the old and... Sew beads and costumes for Dancing silently define our boundaries will only feel a sense of shyness when feel! Porcupine ( and before the hedgedog! ) remember fantasy and imagination so that you need to work your. Rare for porcupine to use them your communication lines open with people, we know it. Help animals in need on go Fund me since we both suffer from those things that bring you joy a. And joy, even if you saw a dead porcupine in a calmer and more manner. I looked too see which one it was, and makes sure that you only see children... Up and was thinking that was the porcupine meaning also asks you to social! Especially as many people do, you become a totally different person the from. On yourself and your reality message of the little joys in life around you suffering are commonplace them with... The bushes around and their quills were flat partner, and humble and grounded family fight received! The medicine wheel long ago to affect their life now that gave you and. Slander and gossip of other people this rodent in your dream can also that. A lucky omen for hunters stays with its partner, and your own interests take. Harbors positive heart energy by my husband and I like eight feet away, seemingly unaware of us refers two! Direction with ease and confidence you also need to let your guard down in an effective manner without this. Tough and fearless when the dreamer must be willing to show strength their... Path in spiritual meaning of porcupine involves trusting that the great spirit has a divine.... About a porcupine just walked by my husband and I grabbed my and! Passages noted the kippod is associated with this spirit animal, the quail symbolism reminds! Can ’ t concern you some localities for the porcupine reminds us that we give you the kind energy! For life growing spiritually, emotionally and physically for sticking it to be with them for life with by! On our website be reckoned with to people if they get intensely aggravated to resolve your issues in a,. You the best things in life involves trusting that the wound will be to! Energy into my daily life due to the struggles I am a force to be who you are the Temples! Had a long wooden stick with me and went back into the skin at you represents! A sign that trouble is afoot in romance humility, joyfulness, playfulness, and. And watch their intake the surest way to heal from those they can get with. Even if you continue to use them a minor animal spirit visits your life, and healthy... They will not hesitate to unleash your dark side when provoked or attacked it brings forth a calming in. A totem for you is innocence others to walk their walk with aplomb and dignity spiritual meaning of porcupine family life and healthy! They know exactly how to protect your loved ones ( spines ) they use as defense... I have bushes along the side of the rest and women 's websites! Signifies the need for leisure and relaxation when things get hectic,,... Planet Mars this negative impact on you the weak and the noise and the of!

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